We’re dedicated to extending what’s possible with today’s BIM tools—we want to help our customers become more innovative, more productive and more profitable.

Your TSI subscription gives you the MEP data content, software configuration, implementation blueprints and professional services necessary to achieve the highest possible levels of efficiency, productivity and cost savings.

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Experience and Expertise

We’ve been developing innovative features and processes to enhance and support the Autodesk Fabrication product line since 2001—before Autodesk even owned it. We started out as a development partner to MAP Software (the original developer of the Autodesk Fabrication products) and have steadily grown into the multidisciplinary organization we are today.

Our unmatched on-the-job industry experience allows us to teach trade-specific best practices and offer you a comprehensive database of MEP manufacturer content with nearly one million items under management to help you take full advantage of BIM-driven fabrication workflows. MEP contractors save time and money while enhancing their competitive advantage when they use our tools to design, visualize, fabricate and construct their projects.

“TSI has empowered us to perform BIM since before the acronym became the popular catch phrase in the construction industry that it is today. ”

– Timothy Allison, P.E., LEED® AP, Sr. PE., Murray Company

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