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Design Engineering Software for Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing

CAD-MEP is a 3rd-party Autodesk® add-on software program that provides the “I” in BIM (Building Information Modeling). CAD-MEP offers intelligent 3D-Design to Mechanical (Ductwork and Piping), Electrical, and Plumbing Engineers and Design/ Build Contractors.  CAD-MEP is an ARX-Programmed to  utilize *.DWG Files working on AutoCAD® and AutoCAD® MEP 2007-2011 (both 32-bit and 64-bit).

Design calculations are created with simple user inputs which define a system’s criteria and specify constraints such as width, aspect ratio, Round or Rectangular shape and the power of Design-Line will do the rest. With a single line sketch, a 3D drawing is generated automatically. Compare “what if“ scenarios, like Round verses Rectangular, change static pressure, or add in-line equipment and CAD-MEP will recalculate sizes and redesign automatically.


CAD-MEP is a design tool that integrates directly with other Leading CAD design tools such as: AutoCAD MEP®, and CAD-Mech, CAD-Duct, and CAD-Elec.

EST-Mech, EST-Duct and EST-Elec modules, when purchased, estimate labor and material costs for each service directly in a CAD-MEP drawing.

CAD-MEP offers seamless integration with our CAD-Duct HVAC Detailing software, CAD-Mech Piping and Plumbing Detailing software, and CAD-Elec Electrical Tray, Component and Conduit Detailing Software, utilizing the same networkable database structure for Manufacturing, Scheduling, and Estimating.

CAD-MEP Features include:

  • AutoCAD® DWG, AutoCAD® MEP DWG, IFC, IFCXML, and NavisWorks® compatible.
  • Ability to Auto-size Duct / Pipe with Design-Line.
  • Drawing with size based services
  • Auto-Generate Duct, Pipe and Electrical Hangers.
  • Collision checking as you draw.
  • Quick and simple sectioning for adding detailed information in both 2-D and 3-D.

Proud Member of SPIDA

Spiral Duct Manufacturers Association